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Course Information

Course Title: Designing for Safety: The Importance and Use of Prevention through Design

Course Type: Webinars

Objective: This webinar focuses on identifying the scope of prevention through design (PtD) in your workplace, the benefits derived from properly integrating it into your safety management system (SMS), and how to identify key personnel to include in your PtD process. The webinar also provides information on what to do when PtD deficiencies are identified as well as actual examples of incidents resulting from SMSs with poorly integrated PtD criteria.

Pre-Requisites: This intermediate-level webinar will be beneficial to personnel wanting to learn more about the scope and impact of workplace design criteria in preventing mishaps, injuries and loss. Attendees should have a fundamental understanding of general design requirements for safety and health related operations and processes in the workplace prior to this webinar. Personnel gaining the most benefit from this presentation may include: • Safety and occupational health professionals • Preventive maintenance personnel (e.g., facilities, engineering and equipment management, public works) • Process development and S&H teams

Session Information

Course Start Date: Feb 17 2022 13:00 EST

Course End Date: Feb 17 2022 14:00 EST



Alyssa Gormish, DoD SMCX Safety and Environmental Professional

Ms. Gormish has been with the SMCX since 2012, supporting all DoD Services and Agencies. She also has experience conducting environmental, energy, and resource management projects for CTC clients.


Ronald M. Williamson, CSP, DoD SMCX Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist

Mr. Williamson was the Safety Manager at NAS Jacksonville for 40 years in conjunction with being the Safety Director for Commander Navy Region Southeast for 20 years.
Brandon Hody, M.S., CSP, DoD SMCX Senior Safety and Occupational Health Professional

Mr. Hody has worked with the SMCX for over 9 years, providing guidance for SMS implementation and sustainment to a variety of DoD Services and Agencies.